On behalf of the Florida Jazz and Blues Festival, Inc. and the festival planning team, we welcome you to our website; a wonderful resource for real-time updates and announcements as we get closer to October 28, 2017.



Why put someone in our community on the road again to go to a major music festival? Why must they cross the county line to go get some great talent bundled up in one experience? Why have them travel to Jacksonville, Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans, or Panama City for world class musicians when they could enjoy them in the comfort of their own city?


A Culture of Live Music


To make this one of the premiere festivals in the world.

The Florida Jazz and Blues Festival is planting a seed with this inaugural festival that will bear fruit for our community for many years to come. We are building a framework through global contacts that will allow our children’s children to enjoy the foresight and action that we are engaged in today.

This festival will become an annual event that attracts world-renowned performers, as well as jazz and blues music lovers from across the region and country.

We invite you to join us on this journey. And, we look forward to seeing you in the capital city, Tallahassee, and capital county, Leon County, in late October.
Nothing will ever be the same.